The First Mudbash

Mudbash started way back in 1972, when Endeavor Rover Crew decided to mix Rovering and motorsport. A number of crew members at the time were interested in motorsport, so they were keen to combine the two. The first event was relatively small, with only five crews competing, these being Endeavor, Dampier, Wawoorong, Tangenong and Skip Moyle. The event was held at the Big River campsite near Marysville, and a number of off road competitions were held. All cars were required to comply with the 1972 Endeavor Mud-Bash Specifications, and were permitted to spend no more than $50 on their cars. The cars took part in a number of events, including a Hill Climb (Only one car reached the top), a Night Rally (some cars got lost), a Motorkhana with Slalom and Flag courses, an Obstacle Course with Water Hole (only three cars made it through without help) and a Tug of War. Endeavor Rovers managed to win the weekend in their buggy, named Snoopy. The weekend was a resounding success, and was the start of what was to become a major event.


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